Breakthrough Strategies for Success


Table Contents


Week 1: Introduction
Choice Theory

Week 2: Why Do We Behave—a Paradigm Shift
Week 3:  Relationships
Week 4: The Basic Needs
Week 5: Your Quality World
Week 6: Your Perceived World
Week 7: Total Behavior
Week 8:  It’s ALL Behavior
Week 9:  Prevent Helper Stress and Burnout
Week 10: Putting it all Together
Reality Therapy
Week 11: Establishing an Environment Conducive to Change
Week 12: What do You Want?
Week 13: The Powerful Questions
Week 14: Making a Plan
Week 15: Who’s Responsible?
Week 16: Follow Up
Lead Management
Week 17: Four Types of Relationships
Week 18: Three Different Leadership Styles
Week 19: Conditions of Quality
Week 20: How Do You Manage?
Quality Schools
Week 21: Relationship is the Root of All Influence
Week 22: Creating an Environment Conducive to Learning
Week 23: Competency-Based Learning
Week 24: Class Meetings
Week 25: Summary